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Rosen Method is a powerful form of bodywork that uses gentle touch and supportive words to ease chronic muscular tension, increase vitality and health, and promote a deepening of physical and emotional awareness.

Rosen Method bodywork is based on the idea that we are all hurt in our lives and the way we protect ourselves from feeling the pain fully is by shortening our breath and tensing our muscles. Thus, there is a whole world of thoughts, memories and feelings contained in our bodies. It's as if we had to put away parts of ourselves in order to survive.

Rosen Method supports you in reclaiming those parts of yourself you had to shut down as you were growing up, when full self-expression may not have been safe. Rosen Method helps you restore your essential wholeness.

During a session, the Rosen practitioner makes contact with the places in the body where we hold our muscles tightly and restrict our breathing. The contact and presence of the practitioner helps you become more aware of your physical tension, as you explore with gentleness and curiosity what is underneath the tension.

Marsha Lipshitz brings to Rosen Method bodywork the attentive, sensitive presence developed by over 20 years experience with Eugene Gendlin's "Focusing."

Her extensive background in folk, contra and ballroom dancing enhances her Rosen movement classes with a lively spirit of fun, ease and joy.

For more information about Marsha, please click on the sidebar, "About Marsha Lipshitz."

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